“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome."


Marc Quinn (British, b. 1964), Permafrost, 2006. Oil on canvas, 170 x 255 cm.

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Kevin Khatchadourian, in We Need to Talk About Kevin, 2011, directed by Lynne Ramsay.

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"My father left for war in 1992, and never came home. Our mother didn’t tell us he was dead for a long time. We just thought he was still fighting. But one day we were being extremely difficult, and she started crying, and said: "Please behave. I’m a single mother now. So I’m going to need you’re help."

(Juba, South Sudan)


Manufacturing #11
Youngor Textiles, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, 2005
by Edward Burtynsky

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Tantric Paintings from Rhajastan (1&3), Gunatraya Chakrasanas from Nepal (2&4). Tibetan Caduceus (5). 1600s

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